About Us

Our Mission:

Democratizing access to mental health care, through creating and supporting solutions that address the mental health crisis. We believe that every human being deserves to feel their best.

We believe that every human being deserves to feel their best.

- Buddyhelp.org

BuddyHelp is a free mental health resource. Built as a result of being deeply moved by the incredible amounts of collective pain and suffering throughout the world during the height of the coronavirus lockdown in the spring of 2020. We’re addressing the mental health crisis with a 3-pronged approach: 

  1. Providing free volunteer-led emotional support,
  2. Providing professional counseling for those that need more, and
  3. Providing a free educational platform via our University of Compassion, where people can learn psychological first aid and counseling skills and even earn life coaching certifications. We’ve flipped the tuition model on this, and are providing it completely free, as there is a growing compassion gap and traditional institutes cannot keep up with demand.

We are working hand-in-hand with leading organizations, to provide an outlet and resources to their user bases, as well as raise awareness. Do you feel called to this mission? Join us, get involved!