Your contributions truly make a difference in people's lives

Every donation, big or small, helps us to further develop and pay for the ongoing costs of running this platform, train and recruit volunteer listeners, and get this out there, into the hands of the millions of people who need it. Thank you for your kind and generous support. Whether as a donation or in spreading the word. Your support saves lives.

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Your Contributions Truly Make a Difference

Below is a selection of messages that have reached us from people that use BuddyHelp:

"As the concept of Talk Therapy, for free, it provides a good safety net. Especially for those, like myself, who A) Can’t afford therapy in real life B) Have at times not been able to leave my flat to get help C) Have needed support right now, at a moments notice and D) Have been too nervous to get support over the phone or face-to-face, online is comfortable. Don’t expect it to hear your problems but if you need someone to talk to, even just to clarify your own solution, or if you're isolated and just want to connect with someone likeminded, it can help tremendously"


"I started using Buddyhelp to help me with all of my problems that I kept to myself for too long. The people on here are kind and very understanding. They don’t rush you to say anything and I feel comfortable talking to people about my problems more than I ever did. And one of the listeners was going through the same thing as me so it is nice to know that you're not the only person going through things. I recently became a listener and I love helping people with their problems. It makes me feel happy and it also helps in my own wellbeing as it helps me reflect on my own personal problems."


It is thanks to your continuous support that this is possible