Feeling Lost? 10 Steps to Get Motivated in the New Year

published on 04 April 2022

Follow the 10-steps schedule to find yourself and get your motivation back in 2022


Every single one of us has felt lost at some point in our lives; not knowing what to do with our lives can lead to a lot of frustration and desperation. Especially since the COVID-19 outbreak, most people find it even harder to keep up with the pace of life as they did before. It is not easy to follow your dreams as planned. Even the most minor tasks can seem mountainous sometimes.

Do you ever find yourself wondering, “How will I ever get the motivation to work?”? You are then lost in your thoughts, looking for answers; or even if you find them, it is hard for you to follow through. You end up feeling disappointed about the whole situation because you don't know how to activate yourself and change things.

Summary of contents

  1. New Year's Resolutions on hold
  2. Living in a world of the Pandemic
  3.  Create an inspirational vision of yourself
  4. Write down your dreams
  5. Define your values
  6. Identify your goals
  7. Understand the difference between habits and addictions
  8. Don't forget your self-care
  9. Start with small steps
  10. Be prepared to fail
  11. Check on your environment
  12. Look for a mentor
  13. In conclusion

New Years Resolutions on hold

Usually, in the last days of December, most of us do a recap of the whole year and what we've been through. We feel the need to clarify the pros and cons of the year that we leave behind us and make sure what we want to claim in the new year. We are making lists of the characteristics our new selves will own in the new year, and we are having a series of ideas for future plans penetrating our minds. We seek change and believe that the new year is the opportunity to see our desired selves shine. We set many goals and make demands on ourselves. In general, the New Year seems a great time to start with a fresh new mindset and begin to take charge of your life...


And then... The new year comes, and we feel confused and don't know where to start! We lack motivation and inspiration and see that things aren't going as planned. And you are wondering, ''What's the matter? How am I going to find all this motivation energy I need?''

Living in a world of the Pandemic

Nothing has been easier since the Pandemic started. The last two years have been a roller coaster of emotions. Even the various things you used to do you no longer do. The emptiness of not doing something you did anymore can be unbearable sometimes. There are so many vital issues that concern you that sometimes you think, "as long as I have my health, my life goes perfectly." 

Being healthy is not enough. We must enjoy life and aim for our evolution at every level. Evolution means one step closer to achieving what we dream of. Although the pandemic puts some restrictions on our daily lives that may hinder this easy achievement, there are many ways to get out of the situation and get closer to our resolutions.

Here are some steps to help you find your motivation and get busy again!

Get the ball rolling in the new year!


Step 1

Create an inspirational vision for yourself

If you are looking for some inspiration out there, you better remember that inspiration comes first from within! The first step that will get you motivated is to imagine and think of how you want to be in the future. If this is an abstract image and not that clear in your mind, it will confuse you. What picture comes to mind when you think of your ideal future self? Is there one image that represents your dream self? What does your vision look like? How would you describe this vision? These are some of the questions that will enhance this vision come to life.

It’s about knowing who you are and who you want to be. It is about exploring your possible talents, finding out what you are passionate about, and figuring out what makes you happy. The vision it’s the core concept that will drive you, inspire you, and give you a reason to get up every morning.

If you aren’t clear on what you want to become, it’s hard to stay motivated and get things done. Having a vision helps you focus on what’s important. It’s also a great way to communicate a sense of purpose to others. Only when you have a vision can you work towards that goal and be successful in the new year.

Step 2

Write down your dreams

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Once you’ve made your vision, it is time to write down your dreams. Dreaming can be a powerful tool for change. It fills you with hope and the positivity you need to put you in a motivation mode. These dreams will give you a clearer perspective on the life you want and will keep you craving about that moment to come. By getting clear on these things, you can make more conscious decisions and be more successful at accomplishing them.

Don't be afraid to think about the near future and even scenarios you want to happen five years later, for example. You can dream about any scenario you like, as it might give you plenty of ideas that never crossed your mind. Dreaming puts you in the process of reviewing your wants and rediscovering what you really like and the tasks you want to achieve. By dreaming, you determine what's missing in your life and warn about a particular aspect that you have to improve to get closer to your resolutions.

And if you are having any trouble putting ideas on paper, you can record yourself describing them, or you can give them a more artistic form and draw them in paintings. Make it as creative as it gets because that's how you will not get bored doing it!

Why not dream big? Don't rush! Write your dreams down now!

Step 3

Define your values

The third step is to ask yourself: ''What's important to me?''. You will get to find out what matters most for you by this question. Values serve as guiding rules, helping you decide what’s right and wrong, what’s good and bad, and what you’re willing to do or not do in a given situation. For example, you may value the idea of “helping others” more than you do the concept of “making money.” These are both ideas, but one guides your decisions, while the other does not.


By defining your values, you get to know which choice is the right for you and suits you better depending on your future dreams. Your values are the core beliefs that show how you see yourself and the world. They're the beliefs that will determine the actions you take.

Everyone has different values and things that matter the most for them. If you don't have a clear idea of what you stand for, you'll likely struggle to set your goals for the future.

Step 4

Identify your goals

After getting to know your values, it is vital to recognize and set your goals. The more specific your vision is, the easier it is to set your goals. Ask yourself: ''What are my goals for this year? Do I know what steps I need to take to get there? What do I need to accomplish to reach those goals?''

Think about them as a destination you have to reach. It would help if you had some supplies and a means to reach your destination, so only when you know where you want to get will you be able to identify what will help you on this journey. So, knowing your goals makes it possible to create an action plan.


One of the best ways to motivate yourself and follow up your new year's resolutions is to dream about how fantastic the future will be if you succeed at that goal. Let the images in your mind represent how wonderful life will be when you accomplish your goal. These images will also increase your feelings of satisfaction and happiness while achieving that goal.

Beyond the pictures, it is essential to develop a realistic plan. Think practically about what are the preconditions to reach each goal. You can discuss your goals with other people; this will give an extra boost to your motivation, as telling others your goals make you committed.

Step 5

Understand the difference between habits and addictions

In this step, it is important to recognize and clear up parts of your life, such as habits and addictions. While there are some similarities between habits and addictions, the most significant difference is that habits can be significant rituals that help us feel good; on the other hand, addictions, are more probably related to stressful situations, and many times they take over control of ourselves.

Habits are regular, routine actions that you repeatedly perform every day or on a schedule—for example, drinking your morning tea or taking care of your skin by putting on beauty products before going to sleep. Habits are healthy stages in our daily lives and they can add to the process of trying to achieve specific goals.


Addictions are something we can't control. Addiction can be very destructive and distracting on our way to getting some motivation. Addictions can make you lose the ability to function in your everyday life and damage your productivity. Excessive alcohol use or drugs, for example, can reduce your functionality and keep you away from achieving your goals.

We don't realize how much time we spend on a particular addiction until we stop doing it. So, keeping in mind what is an addiction for us, makes us aware of what we have to reduce or regain control of.

Step 6

Don't forget your self-care

Sometimes the lack of motivation is due to physical deficiencies of the body. Make sure you check on physical factors and practice the needed self-care. It can be not easy to look after yourself, but you can do it!

Now, with the new year, you can go for a blood test to check your body's functionality or take any reinforcements, such as vitamins. Τry to protect your immune system and do whatever it takes to stay healthy. Start following a healthy lifestyle, eating nutritious products, and following a quality sleep program. Drink lots of fluids and think about starting exercising. Do not push yourself to exhaustion, and try to take some rest every time you feel like you need it. For example, you can say no to outside suggestions that do not inspire you and save some time for your rest.


Self-care is an individual matter and can mean something different for each one. Some people believe that self-care means focusing on yourself rather than others. That is not true. That being said, going for walks with friends and having inspirational conversations can also function positively for your mental well-being. On the other hand, taking a break from socializing (turning off your social media accounts, for example) can also function as self-care.      

Self-care means taking care of your own needs and protecting your psychology. It means doing things that you enjoy and that are good for you. When you are physically and mentally boosted, you find the courage to motivate for something.

Step 7

Start with small steps

We often hear people say, “The only way to succeed is to get started.” While that may be true in some cases, it can also be distracting. Instead of starting with the biggest goal in mind, start with the smallest step you can take to get there. It’s all about baby steps. When we’re thinking big, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But when we’re thinking small, we build a smooth way and make it easier to achieve our final goals and resolutions.


Think about how you can break down bigger goals into smaller ones. If you had to design a car, for example, you would design a smaller piece and then combine those smaller pieces to create a complete product. The same way goes for your goals. Break down the tasks into smaller ones. The motivation when completing a small task gets bigger.

Step 8

Be prepared to fail

At this journey, failure is inevitable. When you fail, you tend to blame yourself and never do that again. What you can control is your level of mental preparedness for it. If you see failure as a part of the process and not as a negative end that doesn't change, it will be easier to get a step closer to your plans.

Failure helps you a lot. Not only does failing help you identify what to avoid, but it also enables you to be more creative when it comes time to come up with a solution. It puts you in a position to work harder and use all these alternatives you have. 

We all go through some failures in our life; remembering that there are other options can help us not get them too personal and not lose our motivation to reach our final destination. The critical thing to remember is that even when you fail, you learn something new. The new knowledge can add to the whole process.


Accepting failure means being in a position where you can forgive yourself. Don't let anything or anyone discourage you. Don't let your psychology be affected. You can always change the situation and try again. You should be able to understand that you are human, and you will never be perfect.

Step 9

Check on your environment

At this step, all you have to do is check on the environment you live in, either to change or to prioritize parts of it. Our reality plays a significant role in this concept, including physical surroundings; for example, if you find yourself unmotivated, try changing the space you're working and decorating it to inspire you enough.


You can also choose the road of tidiness and cleanliness; sometimes, all you need to concentrate on is having a clean space and putting things in order. Another example can be the way you wake up in the morning; instead of these annoying alarm sounds, you can leave your curtains a bit open so the morning light comes in and wakes you up naturally. Turn on some music and create a comfortable atmosphere when you are trying to get away with a difficult task of everyday life. Music can cheer you up and change your psychology.

If you believe that working from home makes you lazy to start working, try to work at a cafe or a friend's office. Another thing that might help get rid of the things you don't need anymore. You can sell those things or give them to a charity.

Additionally, when we are talking about environments, we also refer to places except for our homes. Given that, it is essential to recognize the areas where you are over-committed and reorganize them according to your new goals. For example, we spend most of our time at work. Therefore, if you are working a lot and feel exhausted, considering that it takes up a lot of your time from other dream plans, it's a good idea to start thinking about a different career path. When you change your current lifestyle, you'll notice that it will change how you think and act. There lies the motivation.

Your main goal should be to improve your life. To do that, you need to organize yourself properly. You need to create and recreate an environment until you feel motivated.

Step 10

Look for a mentor

Last but not least, the final step is to find a mentor. When you need to get motivated, find a mentor or a support system to help you stay focused. A mentor can be a person who has accomplished what you want to achieve, a person who has been where you are now. When you want to change something, ask someone who might know more than you do.


Finding a mentor is easy! There are countless ways to find someone, and you can start by asking the people around you. Ask your friends and family for advice; they might have something to tell you that you never imagined. Your coworkers might be willing to share their experiences with you too.

Various podcasts can adopt a mentor role and get you motivated. Inspirational personas that you find on the internet may also help, as they might have the same background as you; your identification with them will make it possible for you to do the first step. Also, many websites offer advice to people who want to get motivated and succeed. You can also get inspired and learn about ways to achieve particular things through books. Additionally, take a look at online directories, such as LinkedIn, for people who have similar interests as you.

It is a good idea to talk to people who have achieved their goals and are willing to help you reach yours. They will tell you about their own successes and mistakes when they were trying to accomplish their goals.

In conclusion

It’s never too late to start improving your life. All you need to do is direct your efforts. Try to apply some of these steps today as you read this article. In this way, you can break through the mental, emotional, and physical blocks that hold you back. Start 2022 with renewed energy! It doesn't matter that we have reached February already; the first month always works as a trial anyways!

Keep in mind that...

Lack of motivation may be connected with other mental health issues such as depression. If you feel like these steps won't be enough, contact our friends at Better Help and get professional help from therapists.

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